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News for March 2015

Police Scotland launch new media campaign to raise awareness of wildlife crime
23rd March 2015
Police Scotland has embarked on a new media campaign to tackle wildlife crime. The campaign, launched by Environment Minister Dr Aileen McLeod, aims to raise public awareness and to encourage people to report wildlife crime to the police. It focuses on the current national wildlife crime priorities, including raptor persecution, badger persecution, bat persecution, hare coursing, fresh water pearl mussel persecution, poaching, and the illegal trade of engangered species. Campaign materials including posters and web banners can be downloaded here.

Resident male osprey returns to nest at Loch of the Lowes
22nd March 2015
The resident male osprey has returned to his nest at the famous Loch of the Lowes reserve in Perthshire. His long-term partner, Lady, has yet to appear. Keep up to date with the action here.

New report examines extent and suitability of data relating to raptor population trends in Scotland
7th March 2015
A new report has been published by SNH which examines the extent and suitability of data relating to raptor population trends in Scotland. The report draws largely on data from the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme (of which the SRSG is a partner) collected between 2003-2009 and sought to establish whether there is sufficient data available to establish national breeding trends for each raptor species in Scotland. Data were only sufficient to produce national trends for two species (white-tailed eagles and red kites; both the subject of reintroduction programmes and thus subject to rigorous monitoring efforts). Data were sufficient to produce trends for 13 raptor species at a local scale for specific study areas, although not yet at national scales. The study identified substantial gaps in monitoring coverage but concluded that further rigorous national trends would probably be feasible once further validation of the data is undertaken. The report can be downloaded here.

Poison alert in Midlothian as kitten dies from Carbofuran ingestion
6th March 2015
The SSPCA is appealing for information after an 8 month old kitten died from ingesting the banned poison Carbofuran. The kitten was found at Edgelaw Farm Livery near Gorebridge in December - it was fitting and unable to stand. It died soon afterwards and a toxicology examination revealed it had ingested Carbofuran - a banned pesticide commonly used to target birds of prey. The SSPCA has also issued an alert to members of the public in the area as the source of the poison has not been found. SSPCA press release here.


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